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Marblehead Harbor in Winter
Above This is a view of the town landing from Tucker's Wharf. The boat is the Catherine F., a 46' Jarvis Newman owned by fisherman Peter Fadden here in town. You can see the lighthouse at Chandler Hovey in the background. Cat Island is just visible through the mist. The lobster boat in the photo to the right is Steve Byrd's 35' Duffy Caijen.

Location, location, location

Marblehead is approximately 12 miles up the coast from Boston, making for a fairly central home base. The limiting factor is traffic more than distance. Battling your way through the streets of Boston at rush hour on a Friday can be a more daunting task than blasting north to Maine. Having said that, it's still fairly easy to get around. The map should give you an idea of the radius of my daily assignments from metro Boston out to Cape Cod, Rhode Island, mid state in Mass, New Hampshire, and southern Maine.

How large and area do I cover? Should you send me to East Po-dunk? The only honest answers for these questions comes down to how much money is on the line. If it involves more than $10,000 and/or there already are questions about the file- then it's safe to say that it makes sense to pay me for a couple extra hours of windshield time. If there's a personal injury in an accident case, an ugly fire, or a perplexing failure; then it may be worth the cost of a plane ticket.

I don't want to waste your money and my time trudging out to some location where I won't be able to help you. It's just bad business. Call me to discuss the situation and see what your needs are.









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